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When Rent to Own Homes Won’t Work

Rent to Owning your home in Colorado Springs can be a practical safe, pretty straight forward commitment.  The benefits including working toward homeownership. A place to truly call yours and something to work on and improve the way you want . It takes time, diligence and often patience to either improve credit, build up down […]

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Are You Required To Buy The House In A Rent To Own Home Contract? – Colorado Springs Rent To Own Program

A really common question and concern from people looking at renting to own a house is “are you required to buy the house in a rent to own home contract ?” at the end of the rental term. As an example… … lets say you found a great rent to own home and agreed on […]

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How Do Rent to Own Homes Work in Colorado Springs?

One of the first questions, if not THE first question, we get from potential tenant buyers is “how do rent-to-own homes work in Colorado Springs?”   Rent-to-own homes have become a popular option for people who are deciding whether to purchase or rent a home, and they can offer advantages to both buyers and sellers. […]

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